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For all you bookworms and dictionary lovers, we’re sorry, but the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary is going to be released only online. Thanks a lot, Internet, but I was looking forward to turning the thousand pages of delicious verbs, nouns, and adjectives.

The Oxford English Dictionary

The Future of The Dictionary

Seeing that the dictionary has failed to garner a profit after 140 years since it’s inception, it seems like a more profitable route to just release it online. The second edition has been online for about ten years now, and the website receives about 2 million hits per month.

This could be a growing trend, as companies like and their new product, the Kindle, have had continuous increases in profits, while Barnes & Noble has seen a decline in their real book retail sales.

If Oxford does decide to only publish their immense dictionary online, it could mark the dawn of a new era in the publishing world. The Internet is taking over.


Headline: Even “Oxford” Knows
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