The guys have shared a lot of NeONBRAND stories in the podcasts so far, so it’s time you got the whole story.

NeONBRAND's location at Work in Progress on 6th street in Downtown Las Vegas

The Kurt & Kenny Podcast Episode 6 – Show Notes

Because this podcast is special to all of us here at NeONBRAND, these show notes are abridged. There are so many details and nuances in the story of NeONBRAND’s founding and the partnership between Kenny and Kurt, you should hear them tell it themselves.

Early Days of NeONBRAND

Kenny wasn’t intending to be an entrepreneur – he was actually planning to be a lawyer. After a year of law school, though, he found himself back in Vegas without a degree or any further legal ambitions.

Around that time, Kenny started looking into social media marketing and joined forces with a friend to provide those kinds of services. This was long before Facebook ads were really a thing, and the idea of a company devoted to social media marketing was pretty insane. Nothing much happened with these early efforts.

NeONBRAND was formed in 2011 when Kenny partnered with a good friend. They were working together at night in addition to their regular jobs, so this was a side hustle.

That friend suggested that NeONBRAND should offer websites because they were super successful in generating leads, but all that traffic was going to terrible websites, rendering it useless. It was the website development that led Kenny to quit his day job and take on NeONBRAND full time.

After about a year, Kenny’s partner left the company to pursue an opportunity, and they’re still friends to this day.

Kenny partnered with another friend, but that partnership ended, too, and Kenny became the solo entrepreneur behind NeONBRAND Digital Marketing.

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Kurt’s Road to NeONBRAND

Kurt’s career started in San Francisco where he worked as a business consultant for Fitch IBCA. Through some interesting twists and turns, that career led him to run an ophthalmology practice in Las Vegas, where he later ended up in business for himself as a full time consultant.

Kurt met NeONBRAND when the team was doing SEO work for one of Kurt’s clients. The value of good SEO and website development was clear, and when Kenny split with his partner, Kurt stayed with Kenny and NeONBRAND.

At the same time, Kenny recognized the immense value Kurt brought to his consulting clients, and eventually asked Kurt to consult with NeONBRAND to help the company grow. He did, and good things happened. At the same time, some of Kurt’s clients started working with NeONBRAND, and Kurt’s influence made the marketing was far more effective.

Kenny and Kurt worked together for more than a year after Kenny became the sole owner, albeit in their own independent businesses. Their combination of skills was definitely a winner.

Finally, Kurt approached Kenny about joining forces, and after some negotiation, they decided that a partnership was the right way to go.

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Kurt and Kenny’s Partnership

In the podcast, Kenny talks about some of the reasons his previous partnerships failed, and why this business relationship with Kurt is so much more powerful.

Of course, their combined skillsets are a combination you can’t find in many other places.

It goes deeper than that, though.

For Kurt and Kenny, 1 + 1 is greater than 2. The strength of the partnership shows in NeONBRAND’s continued success, the team’s growth and commitment, and the results that clients love to see.

Also, stay tuned after the podcast for some special features!