Or in other words, your customer service is so poor I can’t tell what you’re trying to sell. I’m sure you have felt this way before about many companies that you’ve had to deal with, but have you ever taken the chance to look at your own customer service?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Customer Service is the “New Marketing” especially now with the vast webs of social networks on the internet; you can hardly sneeze without it being blogged, tweeted, liked, or tagged for the whole world to see. With that in mind, it is very simple to realize the importance of high-quality customer service in this new kind of atmosphere. One small offense could be spread to hundreds or even thousands of people, causing many to be turned off to certain businesses or products.

On the other hand quality, customer care could be shared with virtually anyone on the Internet, leading potential customers to investigate your brand. Customer service is more than just a department; it should be the focus of every individual employee. If customers have a great relationship of trust with you, then they will come back again and again, knowing that you can meet their needs. If your service is good, people will talk about you. They’ll tell people about how they were treated, how they enjoyed your product or service, and talk about how they’ll want to go back to you for future purchases. From their reports, others will become interested in your business, and they’ll just continue the domino chain.

Actions Better Than Words

This is a fantastic way to get people referring their friends, family, and larger networks to your company. Customer Service is now one of the strongest marketing tools a brand can work to develop.

Stay tuned for some great tips on how to improve your social media-based customer service, but for now, check out what these companies are doing:

  1. Zappos, a shoe company heavily based on customer service.
  2. L.L. Bean, A clothing store mainly geared towards outdoors clothing and equipment.