Maybe those Mayans are onto something. And if you’re of the mindset that the world as we know it is ending next week, then by all means, DO everything we’ve listed below to watch your marketing strategies flush down the proverbial tube. However, if you’d like to make it your most successful year yet, steer clear of the following online marketing DON’Ts.

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Online Marketing DON’TS!

Spam your customers: Take it from us; less can DEFINITELY be more, especially when we’re talking about email advertising. If you’re sending your customers and leads 10 emails a day, they will soon associate your name with “SPAMMER,” not “AWESOME COMPANY.” Sure, you should keep in touch with your customers, but make sure each time you do you’re offering something valuable – news about an event or new product, a discount or special, or a personalized thank you.

Fake your testimonials: Astute customers will see through the flowery words and stock imagery. To get the best testimonials possible, turn your customers into raving fans with outstanding customer service and outreach, then ask them for a genuine testimonial.

Fill your page with link bait: Search engines are smart – and so are your customers! If they’re looking for relevant and useful information and find only useless jargon full of carefully selected keywords, then your cover is blown. Offer valuable content and you’ll please your customer AND get SEO results too.

Turn every blog into a sales pitch: Blogs should engage your customers and potential customers by giving them information they actually need. No one goes searching online for a blatant advertisement or sales pitch; but they may be interested in knowing how to bake a cheesecake, paint a fence. . . or improve their online marketing strategies (wink wink).

Ignore the social space: If you’re looking to hang out in the same spaces as your customers and potential customers, you’d better get social. Social media is the fastest (and cheapest) way to get directly in front of your customer and start conversations that lead to sales. So make sure 2013 is a social year.

Got a hot tip on what NOT to do in 2013? Let us hear it!