If you’ve been listening to Mel Gibson’s phone calls lately, you might have reason to doubt the existence of loyalty in society today. Nonetheless, in business, it’s something that your customer should strive for – customer loyalty, that is.

Loyal Customer Service

Obviously, you’ve got everything to gain in a loyal customer: keep them happy and reap the benefits (right Mel?). And building that relationship just got a bit easier: Entrepreneur.com has outlined four ways to gain customer loyalty.

Customer Service.

It’s all about customer service (gasp!), apparently. The key is to have the right people staffed who are consistently being taught and challenged to give their clients superior service. Reviewing your workflow with the eye of your customer is essential to seeing their perspective while listening to their complaints (we call it constructive criticism) will win you points.

Give it a try. After all we – like your customers – are always right.