You’ve got your business set up on Facebook, your blog is online and up-to-date, and you’re even tweeting regularly. How then, can you improve your business’s digital presence?

A question we are regularly asked is:

“Are you already doing marketing for a business in the {industry name} business?”

And our response is always the same:

We could do the exact same work for two companies in the same industry and at the end of the day, the company that does more offline work to promote the business will win.

This result is not because offline work is more valuable than digital work, but it does provide really great content for your digital efforts!

Taking Your Business Offline

We hate to say it, but it’s time to get offline… but wait until you’re done reading this blog. 👍🏼

While social media and search engines are extremely important, most people still live normal lives offline (though some people’s Facebook updates might suggest otherwise). 

That’s why digital marketing success also requires some non-digital effort. We know, it makes us groan a little too.

Sponsor Something!

Think outside of the four walls of your office and look around you, are there events your potential customers are attending? Maybe there’s a 5k happening in your city that may attract thousands of your potential customers. It’s probably worth investing a little into sponsorship of some kind to get your name in front of them!

Get on the News!

Turns out the local news stations are dying for fresh content! And who better to give it to them than YOU! Reach out to your favorite station and offer to do a spot explaining something interesting that you do that may benefit the larger community. They’ll likely invite you on for a quick few minute segments on the 6 am Saturday news that no one really watches… 😆 but it still makes GREAT content for your business.

Donate to Your Neighborhood Elementary Schools

The elementary schools (and even middle and high school too) are always in need of supplies! This is a perfect way to participate in the community in the name of your company. Often these sorts of donations get shared and praised digitally, which creates more great content.

Start a Free Meetup Group!

Turns out people still like seeing actual people and not just staring at their screens. Crazy, right? Meetups are a great way to get people to come out and learn or network in a group setting. This provides an awesome opportunity to get your name out there and build more loyal followers.

Leverage Your Offline Marketing!

All of these great offline activities you’re now participating in make for GREAT online content. Create a blog post, a video, or even a simple status update. These types of interactions have a tremendous impact on your digital presence. Do a lot of them and do them regularly.

If you’re still stuck, think of offline congregation – advertise a party for just your Facebook friends – and advertise it just on Facebook. Your party will give real bodies and faces to your social media friends – and perhaps make some long-term customers. Okay, now get offline.