NeONBRAND Web Presence

Among all the issues that face a business owner, trying to improve website visibility probably doesn’t get thought about all too often.  Even here at NeONBRAND our own website visibility is sometimes left forgotten as we’re busy working on everyone elses! Now that we’ve recognized the problem, how do we fix it?

Improve Website Visibility: 2 steps

Improve Website Visibility

Step 1: Stop ignoring your website. The easiest way to solve this is to think of your website as an additional salesperson for your business. Would you just let your sales people sit around un-monitored and without direction? I think not. Your website works in the same way a sales person would, it gives potential customers enough information about your business to get them to jump on board and buy your product, no matter what that product may be. Review every page of your site, add content, remove content, shoot a how-to video maybe, just make sure the site gets your attention on a regular basis. Most of your customers look at your website before converting to a customer, shouldn’t you look at your website about that often too? This alone will help improve website visibility as Google rewards people who stop ignoring their website by giving them higher search engine rankings.

Step 2: Get traffic to your website. This can take many shapes and forms. For beginners, make sure your website is on all of your business cards, letterhead, and other promotional/business products. From there you should be actively promoting your site online by using social media, press releases, or other SEO techniques that will help increase visits to your page. Conversion rates are anywhere from 1%-5% of visitors convert into some kind of contact from your website. That means for every 100 visitors, hopefully 1-5 people will contact you for more information. So you need to get a lot of traffic in order to see a lot of conversions! Increasing your organic search engine rankings goes a long way too, since most people only click on the first few search results it behooves you to be up as high as possible! That’s right, I said behooves.

Improve Website Visibility: Summed Up

Harnessing the potential of your website to drive sales to your business is greatly undervalued. A solid website with great marketing can make your website your best salesperson, hands down. Take the time, stop ignoring your site, and let’s all make a million bucks. Sounds good to me.