Marketers can have difficulty grabbing the attention of intended targets when devising their marketing plans for various goods and services. One of the most elusive ways to get the attention of particular consumers is to create “buzz” that reflects positively on a good or service.

“Buzz” essentially is a general excitement among the public about some topic that they find incredibly compelling and want to share with friends and acquaintances. When positive buzz occurs regarding a good or service, businesses can experience exponential growth in a very short time.

Some Buzz-Generating Online Tactics

There are many ways to reach targeted consumers online and generate buzz using social media, email, search engine marketing and other online channels to reach consumers better. An integrated approach works best when using several elements of each.

An email, twitter or texting campaign that slowly teases specific customers with increasingly compelling content over a matter of weeks could provide constant exposure while increasing interest and likely causing discussion about a particular commodity or service.

Compelling YouTube videos, strategic blogging, building third-site links and other tactics used as part of a coordinated marketing campaign can generate online, and interpersonal buzz among particular consumers identified based on their demographic information and online use.

Contest promotions are typical examples of buzz-generating marketing strategies that employ various tactics to reach the desired consumer segment.

Buzz-Generating Online Tactics

Good Buzz Versus Bad

When trying to generate buzz, it’s important to try to cultivate positive buzz rather than negative. You create negative buzz by abusing texting etiquette, sending annoying emails, creating offensive content or other methods that can backfire on marketers. But when creating positive buzz by a well-targeted and comprehensive online campaign, like what might occur when promoting a new product roll-out, the results can define brands and ensure success.

Have you ever tried to create online buzz to drive more relevant consumer traffic to your business?