Digital marketing lessons from the Super Bowl are abundant. Let’s go through four ways of analyzing Super Bowl ad tactics to inspire us to inspire our audience.

If you’re a sports fan (or are alive and breathing), you’re looking forward to next weekend. After all, like Christmas, the Super Bowl comes around but once a year. And if you’re busy grilling hamburgers and tossing some tailgating favorites in your grocery cart, we can get behind your festiveness.

That’s because, the Super Bowl – like your digital marketing strategy – is one exciting subject. What do the two have in common? Well, there are more lessons you can learn about digital marketing from the Super Bowl than you think. We’ll name a few.

4 Digital Marketing Lessons from the Super Bowl

You can do a lot in thirty seconds.

The Super Bowl commercial ad space is always crazy expensive, but this year it costs some over-the-top dollars. In 2016, ad space during Super Bowl 50 will run as much as $5 million for a 30-second spot.

When you’re paying that kind of money for an advertisement, you’d better make sure you’re getting some bang for your buck. And when you watch the Super Bowl this year, you’ll see how the big guys are doing just that. The same goes for your digital marketing strategy.

A short and well-placed video can take your business to a whole new level – and you don’t have to pay $5 million to do it. Instead, use a carefully honed social media strategy to target your potential customers. Thirty seconds really can make a huge difference.

It’s not over til it’s over (and until then, anything can happen!)

Everyone loves a great comeback, especially during the Super Bowl. And there’s nothing like watching a team that’s lagged behind make a big play in the second half.

Guess what? That same principle goes for your digital marketing audience; the game isn’t over until that customer has opted out (and we think you can still make strides even then).

If you’ve got site visitors that don’t convert, social media fans that don’t engage, target email addresses that don’t open emails or even customers who abandon their online shopping cart, just remember what every NFL team worth its salt has to: it ain’t over til it’s over.

You’ve still got the chance to win those customers back, convert them and make them raving fans. Your digital marketing strategy simply needs to address how to handle those “almost lost” customers. You can still win (them).

Negativity won’t get you anywhere.

Tempers tend to flare when a big game is on the line, and we’ve all seen some players explode during the Super Bowl. But while those “personal fouls” will get Super Bowl players 15 yards, they’ll cost your business a lot more. So far, these are important digital marketing lessons from the super bowl for any business.

Negativity doesn’t trend well online, so your marketing shouldn’t be smearing other businesses or other parties. Save the negativity online and keep your business marketing upbeat, positive and forward-looking. No need to attempt to kill the competition; you can only do that through your own success.

Timing really matters.

When it comes to making the big plays, timing matters – on and off the Super Bowl field. While it’s imperative for the players to time their plays right, advertisers also need to practice some sensitivity with regard to timing.

As you watch the Super Bowl ads, you’ll see a variety of topics and tones; from funny and sarcastic to sentimental and even tear-jerking.

The trick is to understand your audience (and common propriety) enough to time your posts, emails and other digital marketing tactics in a way that touches your audience in the right way; steer clear of topics that could be construed as offensive, and treat heavy subjects with sensitivity.

Digital Marketing Lessons from the Super Bowl

Your marketing doesn’t have to be hilarious or outlandish to get attention; play off other emotions as well. After all, didn’t you shed just a little tear when that Budweiser horse came running back?

This weekend you’ll be watching the big game, but if you’re digital strategy isn’t up to par, you’re not as in the game as you could be. We can help; give us a call today.