Have you ever considered that your website could be your top performing sales employee? It can! With the right tender loving care, your site could earn more for you in the coming year than any other aspect of your business. How? Well, consider how a top sales person performs in a traditional storefront setting. They are knowledgeable (have great content), they are well put together (look great), and they make themselves available (easy access and user-friendly.) How can you make certain your website is working as your top “salesperson”?

A Top Performing Sales Employee is Easy to Find

This is where SEO comes into play. Search Engine Optimization is the way a website answers when a customer asks a question. Until recently, keywords were the name of the game, but now content is even more relevant than it already was. The location is a factor too, so it is important to ensure your website gets noticed by searchers from everywhere that you offer services. How? Again, content is essential.

First Impressions

Once a customer finds a salesperson or website, they have to stay for a sale to be made. You are not going to stay and speak with a dirty rep that has body odor. Neither will someone remain on a website that is dull and poorly put together. First impressions count, so make certain your site it top notch.

Forget the Sales Pitch

All top performing sales people know the product sells itself. There is no need for an in your face sales pitch. Simply give the customer the information they want about the product they are looking for and the battle is half won.

Top Salespeople are Knowledgeable

Your website should be the same. The customer should be able to get answers to real questions on your site, not just a bunch of advertising. Make certain the content on your site is sought after and usable.

Instant Gratification is the Best Follow Through

A top performing sales person knows that following a great conversation with a customer about a product with “I’ll have that ready for you to purchase in 3 weeks,” is not a way to close the sale. You grab the product and walk them to the cash register. You make it insanely easy for them to get it while the getting is good, whatever “it” is. In the same manner, a great website that functions as an excellent salesman is user-friendly, making it easy for the customer to click and order right then while they being convinced by your great website.

Successful Sales Conversion

Not every customer is going to convert to a sale, but the better your site is, the better your chances. With the proper TLC, your website really could be your top performing sales employee.