Web development comes in all shapes and sizes and is a very broad topic. On the Web Development category of our blog, we try to cover the things that we are working on regularly. We build a lot of WordPress sites using Roots.io Bedrock and Sage.

WordPress development is a large industry, as WordPress powers over 25% of the entire web. We are a top WordPress agency in Las Vegas as our sites outperform most other WordPress sites we compete against.

Since search engine optimization (SEO) runs through our veins, all of our web development efforts include SEO tweaks as we build. This results in better performing websites right out the gate, accelerating our clients ROI on their website development investments.

The Client Education Process

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Your client hired you because they don’t know how to do what you do. They don’t want to know, either. Still, client education can make your development project or other creative service go so much more smoothly. Here’s how to get everyone up to speed.

Why Good Developers Bill In Advance

Reading Time: 5 minutes

If your app developer is asking you to pay in advance, that’s actually a really good sign. Here’s why the best developers always bill ahead, and why it’s so good for your business.