Weekly ReTWEET

We’ve got a newsflash for you, Walter Cronkite: headlines are important. And no, we’re not talking about those that grace the cover of the New York Times or US Weekly. We’re talking about your headlines, their content, and their retweeting potential.

Headlines, who knew?

You? Retweeted? It might sound challenging (unless you’re a canary), but the fact of the matter remains: no matter who you are, if your headlines are interesting enough, you’ll get re-tweeted. And that means more attention for you and your business.

And that’s exactly why Tim Ferriss’ headline (see what we mean?) got our attention – about creating headlines that get retweeted. Ferriss has two simple rules: think of unusual obsessions you have, and what two things you could teach others about them.

Sounds simple, right? Well that’s the thing. If you some topic fascinating, somebody else must. And if it’s that interesting, not only will your followers click through to get more information, but they’ll retweet your post, opening yourself up to an even greater following.

And unless it’s by the IRS or a middle-aged stalker, being followed feels pretty good.