Las Vegas Social Media Meetup

Live Blogging from the Las Vegas Social Media Meetup

Twitter: From Zero to Hero in 4 Weeks

(10 minutes per weekday)

Week 1

Day 1sign up or sign back in
Day 2review who you’re following, unfollow anyone you don’t find interesting
Day 3find and follow 5 interesting people (entertainers influencers, smart people)
Day 4“like” 10 posts you find interesting
Day 5“like” 10 posts you find interesting

Week 2

Day 6find and follow 5 more interesting people (entertainers influencers, smart people)
Day 7spend 10 minutes reading your twitter feed and “like” posts you like
Day 8retweet 1 tweet from your feed
Day 9“like” 10 posts and retweet 1 post
Day 10“like” 10 posts and retweet 1 post

Week 3

Day 11find and follow 5 more interesting people (entertainers influencers, smart people)
Day 12reply to a tweet that you feel you can contribute to
Day 13“like” 10 posts, retweet 1 post, reply to 1 post
Day 14reply to 2 posts
Day 15“like” 20 posts, retweet 2 posts, reply to 5 posts

Week 4

Day 16tweet your favorite quote – look for and use a relevant hashtag like “#quoteoftheday” (“like” 20 posts, retweet 2 posts, reply to 5 posts)
Day 17tweet about how you feel about the day (“like” 20 posts, retweet 2 posts, reply to 5 posts)
Day 18tweet about the music you listened to that day (“like” 20 posts, retweet 2 posts, reply to 5 posts)
Day 19tweet about the work you’re doing (“like” 20 posts, retweet 2 posts, reply to 5 posts)
Day 20tweet about your favorite twitter user and mention them in the tweet (“like” 20 posts, retweet 2 posts, reply to 5 posts)

Other Cool Meetups in town

Quick Question to the Audience

How many people use twitter? Everyone raises their hand (20 people inside the room).

Who uses it? 3 people raise their hand.

So how do I use Twitter?

Let’s go over the basics of what it is and how to use it.



  • Share links
  • Share Images
    • Images are not part of your character count
  • Share a blog post
  • Tweets are 140 Characters or less
  • Talk to influencers directly (e.g. Review Journal, Richard Branson, etc…)


  • @dribbleglass tweets Kenny live and @neonbrand retweets that post. Post shows up on your timeline.


  • You can tag your friends (e.g. @neonbrand) and start a conversation.
  • Use “dot” before mentioning someone to have your followers see your tweet.
  • If you want to keep the dialogue between you and your friend, remove the “dot”.


  • This used to be called favorites, mainly used to show your appreciation to someone’s tweet.


  • Find out how many views your tweet received


  • You can embed your tweets directly to your website.

Connecting with Other Twitter Users

Strategies for Building Your Followers

Scott talks about adding a lot of people to his list by following a lot of people that follow back.

Use Hootsuite to go through a list of people that you’d actually like to follow.


Add people to lists that pertain to interests that you’d like to follow. Once you have 1,000’s of people and its impossible to keep up with everyones tweets, creating lists help you keep groups and content organized.

Using Twitter at Events

Many people who are giving keynotes at events use Twitter to connect with the audience.

How to use Twitter: Excel sheet

Kenny goes over the what a new user can do to get started on Twitter with only 10 minutes of work a day.

What to post

You can talk about:

  • work
  • activities
  • people
  • people on twitter (by tagging them)
  • pretty much anything

Whats the difference between a hashtag and @ tags

Hashtags are streams of content as opposed to @tags which are for mentioning other people in tweets.

When you talk about a quote you like, find a hashtag that is relevant to the subject. A lot of engagement can be created by putting your content in the right ecosystem. Now people are exposed to your content in the right situation.

How to distribute your content using Twitter 

@andrewbrazi explains how he used Twitter to connect with any influencers’ audience.

The process is simple. My process started by finding a really cool post written by a digital marketer writing about not offering SEO to his clients. The post intrigued me enough to write about what he talked about and so that became an opportunity to connect with the author and reap a few benefits from that interaction.

Step 1: Organize your plan of action

  • What will be done?
    • I will engage with author on twitter
    • I’ll announce what I am doing to him

Step 2: Create Value

  • Write a long blog post
    • Give Ryan praise in the beginning
      • website metrics
      • accolades
      • cool stuff in general
    • Talk about Ryan’s point of view
      • Why what he is talking about is important
      • How it applies to my life
      • Why people should be aware
    • Conlusion
      • Declare your next footsteps

Step 3: Distributing Your Content

  • Tweet to Ryan announcing the post has been published
  • Share Tweet with relevant people in your network

So what were the results from this small experiment? 

  • Ryan re-tweeted my tweet to his network of 3k+ followers
  • 29 unique visitors coming from a relevant source
  • 4:40mins seconds average time spent on page