It’s no surprise that Google is continually updating its algorithm to highlight only the best search results, but this update is of particular concern.

In a tweet this morning, Google announced another update would be released later today:

This algorithm update causes a little concern because there is a special note that many sites may see fluctuations in their rankings as they are testing new content that has been published since the last algorithm update. They want to see if new content produced recently outperforms old content already ranking in the SERPs.

Our strategy holds true to this day, write the best content for your reader and these sorts of updates will have little to no effect on your rankings. The only thing that will affect your ranking is someone else producing a better piece of content on the same subject.

While we expect to see some fluctuations in the rankings for sites we manage, we anticipate everything will return to normal after a couple of weeks, if not sooner.

Write for the user, not for Google. All Google is trying to do with their algorithm is figure out the best content for the best user, so if that’s you and your content, you’ll win every time.