You probably know just how important search engine optimization (SEO) is to improve your online presence. But maybe you’re still not sure where to start or where to find the best SEO services for your brand. Many people claim to be experts, and all the options out there can quickly become overwhelming.

Things to Look for When Choosing an SEO Agency

There are a few warning signs you need to be aware of when you’re looking for the right SEO service provider. Here are four red flags to keep on your radar.

1. Lots of Questionable Reviews

You always want to do thorough research when finding the right SEO company. This means checking out all their available reviews, whether on Google, review sites, or their website. What are people saying? 

Even if a company has a few negative reviews, pay attention to how they handle them. Do they respond? Apologize? If so, this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. Everyone will have a negative experience from time to time. But if the business totally ignores a complaint? This can be a big red flag.

2. No Customer Testimonials

Aside from reviews, brand websites should include at least a couple of testimonials that showcase how happy they have made clients in the past. If they don’t feature any past clients or cases, be a bit more skeptical of working with them. 

If this is the only problem you encounter, ask the company to provide testimonials or case studies you can look through. It may be a red flag if they have nothing to show you.

3. Unrealistic Assurances

Another big warning sign: lots of unrealistic assurances and guarantees. Some SEO companies may try to take advantage of the fact that you don’t know much about SEO. Use your common sense and best judgment. For instance, is a company guaranteeing that you will rank first on the search results page? This is a tricky and unrealistic thing to promise. Instead, they should be focusing on how they will help you increase leads or get more site traffic, for example.

4. Pushy Demeanor

Finally, be cautious if you encounter an SEO company that pressures you to act immediately. This is a common sign that someone is trying to trick you, convincing you that you have to act right now to get a deal. You should feel comfortable with the SEO services company you decide to work with from the very beginning. 

Finding a Trustworthy SEO Agency

Finding a good SEO agency has never been more important. These four red flags will help you figure out what to avoid. Make sure you can meet with a team before deciding to hire them. Ensure they can align their services to your mission and goals. And always do plenty of research beforehand to learn what past customers are saying about them.