You’ve done your research, implemented your SEO keywords, continue to update your content, but what else can you do to promote your website online? Well, we have a few ideas. Unfortunately, we live in a world where information never sleeps, so your web promotion can’t either. Use a few of our tips below to keep your site on your customer’s radar (and their computer screens!).

Website Promotion Tips

  1. Submit your site to key directories  – Once your site is up and running, select appropriate online directories, and submit your link. Links will not only improve your search engine rankings but also drive traffic to your site. Bingo. For brick and mortar stores consider using a tool like Moz Local to manage the listings for you.
  2. Find the appropriate trade sites and specialized directories  – To get your site recognized within your industry, request a link from a high-profile industry or trade organization or directory. This will give your site (and business) some good credit, plus links = higher search rankings.
  3. Get reciprocal links – Speaking of linking up, a great way to drive traffic and promote your site is to find other sights within your niche and request reciprocal links. Not only will you be branching out within your industry, but you’ll be getting your name out to a whole other group of potential customers.
  4. Submit articles and whitepapers to trade magazines and sites – Becoming an “expert” voice within your industry is a great way to promote your website and your business. Get involved with key trade publications (both print and online) and submit information-rich articles, whitepapers, and other content. Not only will you be recognized as a well of knowledge, but your customers will once again be reminded of your site and your business.
  5. Make News – A great way to make sure your website and business are making waves online is to issue news releases when something of note happens in your company or industry. Launching a new product or holding a high-profile event? A press release will get your name out to key media outlets and, in turn, your customers.

How do YOU promote online? Share your tips in the comments.