Hire Online Experts

Expertise for Hire.

Whether you’re ordering a wedding cake or searching for a new employee, the lesson is simple: People will pay for expertise. Whether painting your home, repairing your car or – cough, cough – handling your social media, customers demand things done right – especially if they’re paying for it.

That’s where your business and its expertise comes in. We loved this week’s Mashable article highlighting ways to sell your expertise online. And if your business has a skill, use it to your advantage by either monetizing your knowledge or using it to form new or retain old customers.

Company newsletters are a great way to keep your customers abreast of your ever-improving expertise, while offering free tips on do-it-yourself (they’ll appreciate it, believe us). The newsletter also serves as a constant reminder of your business and can even be used to promote your social media presence. If you’ve got some really useful knowledge to impart, monetize the newsletter by charging a small fee to subscribe.

If you’re good with words (or have access to an editor), eBooks are the perfect way to make some money off your expertise. Customers who don’t want to pay for your service might just pay a small fee to learn how to do it correctly themselves. The same idea applies for webinars and online courses, which you can form and charge access to. And how to advertise for all of this expertise? Well, social media, of course!

See? The opportunities are endless… when you’re an expert.