If you haven’t seen it by now, you’ll see it in about 5 seconds when the movie loads, but Nike has just come out with a new three-minute advertisement entitled “Write the Future”. This film just set a new record for having the most views of any viral video in its debut week: 7.8 million.

Did you see it?

The past record holder was another Nike ad called “Earl and Tiger” which featured Tiger Woods as he returned to sports. It had 6.3 million views in its first week.

Nike is taking advantage of the opportunity to advertise before the upcoming FIFA World Cup, and it looks like it is paying off, with nearly 10 million views already (and thats just on YouTube). Just goes to show how easily viral videos can spread! YouTube is an excellent outlet for producing videos for any brand, whether they be instructional films, advertisments, or just plain entertaining clips, YouTube is simple to use, and can be highly effective.