If you’re a Las Vegas doctor, you can increase client flow by optimizing your Google Business Profile (GBP). You’ll start appearing high in local searches for visiting tourists and residents when you optimize your Google Business Profile.

A free GBP displays you on Google results and maps whenever someone searches for your business name OR enters search terms related to your business, like “Las Vegas doctor.” You can:

  • Show critical information like hours, phone number, address, and more
  • Provide easy directions to your office
  • Display photos of your business
  • Interact with reviewers
  • Get valuable insights into how visitors interact with you on GBP

Your GBP can give a powerful boost to SEO and new client flow when it’s properly managed and updated often. 

All Google Listings in One Place

In December 2021, Google changed Google My Business to GBP and made information on GBP universal across Google so that you no longer need to maintain separate listings on:

  • Google Listings
  • Google Places for Businesses
  • Google+ Business Pages

However, you still need to monitor and update your GBP because anyone can add or change the displayed information. Also, frequent updating grants legitimacy and improves SEO.

How to Create a Google Business Profile for Doctors in Las Vegas

For small businesses and professionals, Google has made it easy to find, set up, and maintain their GBP. Here’s step-by-step guidance on how to optimize your Google Business Profile. 

The first step is to claim your business. You’ll need to be signed into an existing Google account like Gmail or create a new one. Be certain to be as accurate as possible in filling in your information because this will appear on Google Maps and your listing. You don’t want to be confused with another business, get your location wrong, or have people calling and visiting when you’re not open.

Next, verify your business using email, phone, text, or a postcard. Verification may take up to seven days, and you may need to use more than one verification method. After you’ve completed verification, it may take several weeks for your information to appear across all of Google. However, you can start using your GBP dashboard immediately.

How to Use the Google Business Profile Dashboard

Your GBP dashboard does far more than enable you to change the information in your listing. You can also use these beneficial features:

  • Services
  • Calls and messages
  • Posts
  • Photos
  • Insights
  • Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at each GBP dashboard feature so you’ll understand how to use it better to attract and engage potential clients for doctors in Las Vegas.

Update Info

Add or change your essential information, like hours, contact details, and location. Google may send you reminders to update operating hours during holidays.

Add or Change Services

In your services section, you can include a link to a page on your website where people can book an appointment with you. You can also display health insurance information here.

Describe the medical services you offer using the keywords prospective patients enter into search when they need a physician with your skill set. Be careful not to overstuff keywords. Use them naturally throughout your text. 

You can research keyword variations by entering a search term in Google. Scroll to the bottom of the results page, and you’ll see a Related Searches section that will give you more keywords.

Calls and Messages

Messages let people contact you directly from Google Search or Maps. If calls or messages come through Google, it can track them and tell you:

  • Who didn’t get through to a person
  • Times and days you missed calls
  • Information about prospects so you can track lead generation  

Posts Get Your Message Out

Users will see your recent posts when Google shows them your GBP, so this is an excellent place to let people know about what you do best or how your services may help with the most common health issues patients see you for. A catchy post headline will get more readers and more new clients.

Photos Make Your Profile Alive  

You and others can upload images that are especially impactful for millennials. Use pictures to convey your business persona, the appearance of a caring professional healthcare worker dedicated to helping people with health issues.

Images of the outside of your office are helpful for first-time visitors trying to find you, while 360° virtual tours of the inside can inform people about what to expect when they arrive. If you have a logo, this is an excellent place to use it.

Insights Tell You How You’re Doing

GBP’s analytics dashboard gives you basic information about how people find you. You’ll better understand what’s working and not working to bring new prospects.

Reviews Are Critical

The reviews section is one of the most critical areas of your GBP. Nearly everyone who sees your profile will check your reviews. Reading your responses gives them a window into your character and tells them how they can expect to be treated. 

Not responding shows a lack of interest that could hurt your image with prospective patients, while answering positive reviews by expressing gratitude shows your humility and humanity.

Responding to negative reviews gives you an opportunity to apologize for any misunderstandings, tell your side of the story, and improve the situation. The writer may change their review if you can resolve their problem.

Be brief but calm and kind in your responses. Long passages may come across as defensive. Above all, never argue. If you’re dealing with a troll, you can’t win. Remember that you aim to appear as a kind, concerned professional, not as winning every battle.

Consistency is another key. Determine who in your organization will respond to reviews and how often. Weekly is minimal. Most review writers expect a response within three days, but within 24 hours is much better. Fast responses show that you really care about engaging with your patients. The number of positive reviews you get will increase.

Still Not Convinced to Spend Your Valuable Time Using GBP?

Here are three excellent reasons to make the effort required to create and maintain your Google Business Profile:

  • 90% of searchers only click first-page links. GBP puts you there.
  • 73% of consumers trust online reviews. GBP provides them.
  • 64% of searchers have used GBP to discover contact details for a local business.

If you don’t have the time to gain all the benefits of using a Google Business Profile for doctors, contact NeONBRAND so we can do it for you!