Think it’s all about the Benjamins? Think again (although a few crisp hundreds never hurt anybody). But as it turns out, integrating social media into business isn’t all about making profits. In fact, that’s one of the least important results around, according to a poll released on Marketing Pilgrim this week.

Business Insights
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Among the top motivators for social media were increased loyalty, brand’s popularity and deepened brand engagement. But the number one motivator? A potential source of insight from customers.

Think about it.

Who determines how you market? Whose product improvements or suggestions do you take most to heart? Whose opinions matter most? Obviously, the answer to all these questions (and several more) is your customer.

That’s the beauty of social media. With today’s resources, you can tap into your customers’ thoughts, opinions and motivations and connect with them in a venue outside your business.  And when you’re in touch with your customer, they’re more likely to keep your business in mind.

Now that’s insightful.