Should You Do Your Own SEO?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Is it smarter to do your own SEO, or would you be wiser to delegate that responsibility to an SEO expert? This post helps you determine what strategy will work best for you and your unique business situation.

Do Facebook Likes Still Matter?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In social media marketing, do Facebook likes even matter anymore? NeONBRAND’s resident social media expert answers the all-important marketing question of Facebook likes.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?

Reading Time: 19 minutes

How much does it cost to make an app? Is that even the most important question? Here’s everything you need to know, from how much it costs to build an app to how you can make sure the finished product meets your expectations, even if you’re completely tech illiterate.

Why Am I Ranking For The Wrong Keywords?

Reading Time: 6 minutes

You’ve done all the work, written a ton of content, provided value to your audience, and you’re finally ranking…for the wrong keywords. Here’s what to do about it.

Facebook SEO & How to Rank on Facebook

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Facebook search is growing in importance, and Facebook SEO is going to be a thing very soon. It’s time to start thinking about how to rank on Facebook.

What Is Branding & How Do I Do It?

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Branding isn’t just for gigantic corporations. When your company makes branding the core of your marketing strategy, great things can happen.

An Introduction to Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Facebook Messenger chatbots may seem like a novelty, but if your business doesn’t start learning now, you’re going to be way behind. Here’s why chatbots are so important for your business, and how to get started now:

Basic Blog Post SEO

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Blogging is a smart addition to any SEO strategy, but blogging by itself doesn’t necessarily impact your search engine rankings. In order to leverage your blog as an SEO tool, you’re going to need to start building these basic blog post SEO skills.

Content Marketing Basics

Reading Time: 6 minutes

You know that content marketing is a smart strategy to get more eyeballs on your business, but content marketing is WAY more than a weekly blog post. Here’s how to get started building a content marketing strategy.

How to add Slack to Genesis Simple Social Icons Plugin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Recently needed to add a new icon to the Genesis Simple Social Icons plugin and hadn’t ever done it before. Specifically, I was trying to add the Slack icon to the list of icons. Here’s what I figured out: Adding a New Field to the Widget – Step 1 The first step in adding a … Continued

Twitter 101: This is How We Do

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Trying to figure out this whole Twitter thing? Especially for social media marketing? Don’t worry. Here’s Twitter 101 for Marketers.

Why Is Design So Important?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Good design doesn’t happen overnight; it takes hours upon hours of brainwork before a designer can even get started on your project.

Sharing is Caring

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Social media sharing is central to any content marketing strategy. Here’s how your business can get the most out of social shares.