Dealing With Google Algorithm Changes

In a quest to maintain its death grip on the search engine marketing industry, Google officials in recent years continually upgraded their algorithms that impact which websites rank where on Google search results. The placement of websites on search results is critical to search engine marketing. When Google officials create new algorithms to determine which […]

Instagram: Not Just for Selfies Anymore

Darwin once suggested that the survival of a species depended on its adaptability to its ever changing environment.  The same can be said about business.  Businesses have the obligation to keep up with the times to ensure its survival.  Social media has been the saving grace for a lot of businesses that perhaps don’t have […]

Facebook: The Link Sharing Network

As a social media specialist it’s important for me to stay up on the latest, which can be a little tricky in an industry that’s so young and unpredictable. But these shifting sands aren’t only perilous for me. The social media companies themselves have to adapt or die. Being cool and relevant today most definitely […]