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So you think you’ve got a successful marketing plan. Awesome blog content? Check. Search engine optimization? You betcha. Social media strategy? Uh oh.

These days, if social media isn’t a component – and a big component of your marketing strategy, you’re not only missing out on some awesome, low-cost customer opportunities, but you might even be losing customers altogether.

That’s because, nowadays, customer conversations are happening in social settings. And if you’re not participating, you’re missing the mark (and could even be doing damage to your brand). Ready to get serious about social? Here are our top tips:

1. Choose platforms strategically.

You might be tempted to throw up content all over every platform, but when it comes to marketing, your target platforms should be dependent upon your target customer. Where are they active? For example, if your target market is teenage girls, you might be wildly successful on Instagram. That said, if you’re looking specifically for mortgage brokers, you might be better served investing time and resources into LinkedIn.

2. Post. A lot.

Social media is all about timeliness; if your content isn’t fresh, it’s not going to be top of page – or top of mind – for your customers. That’s why it’s so important to post regularly with timely, relevant content. That isn’t to say that you should post just to post. Irrelevant content will get ignored just as fast as old content. This is where creating an editorial calendar and sticking to it can be an invaluable part of your Las Vegas social media strategy.

3. Analyze.

When it comes to measuring your social success, it shouldn’t be measured allegorically. Analyzing your success isn’t as hard as it sounds; there are a myriad of tools available (some are even free) that can help you determine what content was most effective, who’s looking at your page and what you could possibly do better.

4. Use that data.

Those analytics are going to be useless unless you’re willing to take the time to turn them into action. That’s why it’s imperative to review the data, translate it into conclusions, and act on those conclusions. For example, if you get four times the hits when you post a video as you do when you post a blog, you might want to consider putting more budget toward videos in the future.

5. Lure your customers in.

In the social world, you need followers in order for your content to get consumed. Give your customers (and potential customers) a reason to engage with you online. Whether you offer a discount for liking your page or hold an online-only social sweepstakes or drawing, make it worth your customers’ while to become friends with you online.

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