Las Vegas Web Designer

So you’ve hired a web design service, and you’re crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. But is your web designer giving you the bang that your buck deserves? In the design world, the devil is in the details, and you want to make sure that your website is keeping up with the big fish. Follow our checklist for current web design best practices to see if your designer is passing muster. If not, perhaps it’s time you call Las Vegas’ premier web design company (Can you guess who they are?)!

Best Practices Checklist:

Browser Compatibility:

  • Displays on current versions of:
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Opera
    • Safari

Mobile Compatibility:

  • My site is optimized for popular smartphones
  • My site is optimized for popular tablets


  • My site has a clear URL
  • My site reflects my target audience
  • My site has a purpose for my audience


  • I have a four-color maximum color scheme
  • My site reflects a purposeful design
  • Graphics are optimized
  • The text shows clearly against the background
  • Animation is used at a minimum
  • My site uses only common, easy-to-read fonts


  • My site utilizes headings, bullet points, and short paragraphs
  • Content is limited to easy-to-digest nuggets
  • Content is relevant to my site’s overall purpose
  • Content reflects correct grammar, punctuation and word usage
  • Content is refreshed on a frequent basis


  • All links are current
  • Any forms or lead generation tools function properly
  • The site is free from 404 errors


  • Navigation is consistent and clear
  • The layout is appealing to the target audience
  • The home page includes relevant, meaningful calls to action
  • Header, logo and primary navigation are consistent throughout

Is your site up to par? Give NeONBRAND a call today, and we’ll tell you where your site – and your business – could be more effective. Your Las Vegas web design providers are here to make sure your website is enhancing – not sabotaging – your business!