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The Tweet LifeWe’re here to tell you: Kanye West isn’t the only guy who can generate some buzz using Twitter. And while you might think you don’t have the – ahem – profound thoughts that Kanye’s been tweeting, those seemingly endless strings of self-promotional tweets can equate to increased customer traffic, or so says

Mr. Brogan also makes the tweet-life a bit more attainable for your business, outlining 50 ideas to help you start making a splash on Twitter. Getting started is as simple as building an account and observing – er – following other businesses like yours, and keeping an eye on what’s happening in the industry. When you’re reading to throw out your first tweet, take a hint from some world-class tweeting businesses. Share the ideas and developments that are exciting your business now. Highlight your employees’ outside-of-work accomplishments. Ask questions to solicit participation.

For 45 more ideas, see the full article here.


Headline: The ‘Tweet’ Life
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