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Getting in the GAME!If you’re looking to score a touchdown with social media, the first lesson is getting yourself in the game. Sounds pretty obvious, right? Well, not always. Even for big players like the NFL, embracing social media has taken its sweet time.

No Fun League

In fact, in 2009, many hailed it the “No Fun League,” after their social media policy was made public (which included a bar on Facebook updates and Twitter feeds 90 minutes prior, during, and 90 minutes after a game).

Well, the No Fun League has reevaluated its priorities. In fact, the NFL recently signed an agreement with Buddy Media (a marketing firm, specifically to provide tools for making each of the 32 teams’ social media campaigns more successful.

Among some of the updates will be the fact that the majority of players will now have a Twitter account – and be encouraged to use it. In fact, some are saying that social media has taken the place of fan autographs. Those who used to pine for their idol’s signature now want a reply to their tweet.

Once again – it looks like a successful social media strategy is the real GOAL.


Headline: Getting in the GAME!
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