Why Laravel Matters To You

Having your project built in Laravel is a smart choice. Trustworthy developers prefer widely adopted, proven platforms because the uniform standards result in more reliable code. That also means you can take your project, completed or in progress, to a different developer for work or maintenance. Since Laravel is a widely adopted platform, you're not stuck with one person's “proprietary” code – you have the power to choose.

Projects built in Laravel tend to be completed more quickly since the platform itself takes care of many routine, repetitive tasks that take up developer time. You have the options and flexibility to design your finished product in any way you want, and projects built in Laravel are scalable so that you can start with the basics and grow as your business needs increase.

use a laravel app developer and get the most out of your project

Website and App Development

Maybe all you need is a simple portfolio site. Or, your project might be multi-layered with custom interfaces, management systems, and flexible functionalities. No matter the size or scope of your project, our developers can help you launch.

API Development and Integration

Our developers have ample experience integrating with existing APIs to connect your website or application to the tools you need. We're also experienced at creating custom APIs to support multi-platform projects and third party integrations.

Code Audits

Sometimes, an unbiased third-party opinion can make all the difference. Whether your Laravel project is already completed or you want another set of eyes on your work in progress, a code audit from the experienced developers at NeONBRAND provides valuable insights into your progress and potential areas of improvement.

Discovery Sessions

Before you commit your time and money into a project, it's wise to begin with a solid foundation of research. Our developers can help you flesh out your ideas to identify key features, set important milestones, and assess risks you might encounter along the way. You come away with a clear idea of the scope and size of your project. It's like a road map that can help you start development, change course, or find funding.

Some Of Our Past Laravel Projects

To inspire you to think about what Laravel can do, here's a list of some of our completed Laravel projects:

  • A restaurant site with a location-based menu
  • Employment application systems
  • Custom CRMs
  • An embeddable quote tool with admin management system
  • Education framework tools
  • Learning management systems
  • A business license assistance platform
  • An automated tool to convert emails to books
  • Event management systems
  • Booking systems

Get started on your custom app today. Contact us and schedule an appointment to see what our experienced developers can do for you.