You’ve heard all the talk about WordPress: you know it’s the tool to help you self-publish your web content and get you the search engine ranking results you’ve been looking for. You know that it’ll help you engage your customers and win more customers through online engagement.

wordpress tips

But you don’t know what you’re doing.

Cheer up! Although WordPress is the best platform on the market to help you self-publish with ease, it can also be difficult to master. And while practice does tend to make perfect, learning WordPress can require some extra work. Here’s what you can do to get started:

Organize your WordPress sidebar

You love your website’s sidebar because it’s where you can dump, well, everything. You’ve got a running Twitter feed, a link to your Facebook profile, a snippet of your most recent blog and a few other pieces of content that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else. Unfortunately, this tactic might be overwhelming your customer. Keep your sidebar stocked only with those super important links; don’t worry, you can always change them out to gauge what’s most popular. Your WordPress Appearance & Widgets function makes this easy.

You want Google, Bing and other search engines to recognize your hard work, right? Make it easy for them! Using WordPress’s built-in permalink fields makes this a no-brainer. This field is located at the top of the editing page. Be careful with your permalinks, however. Although they should contain strategic keywords, they should still sound like an intelligent, coherent phrase or thought.

Put some thought into titles


Like your permalinks, your titles and page descriptions are an important way in which to get your content discovered. This is especially true if you’ll be sharing these pages or posts on social media. Not to mention that a good title is imperative anyway if web traffic is your goal. Remember to write your title and description for humans, not for robots. If you can get the human’s attention, the robot is likely to follow.

Image-ine everything!

When it comes to your website, images are important. Not only do they add depth and beauty to your site, but they also help you improve your search engine optimization! You just need to be strategic when uploading an image in WordPress. When you upload an image, you’ll have the option to add a keyword to your image. This is important because search engines will recognize these keywords and rank your content higher for the appropriate searches.

Get help

If you’re new to WordPress, your Las Vegas website doesn’t have to be a guinea pig. Get the professional help you need to start using WordPress to the advantage of your business – as soon as possible! At NeONBRAND, we help businesses like yours find their voices online through this amazing tool. Call us today and learn how we can help you.