Tips for Website Design

Web design isn’t just for looks. If you own a business, you already know how important it is to have an attractive, user-friendly website with which you can interact with your customers, provide product and service information and even make sales. Great tips for website design can help make all our lives a little easier.

But even if you know you need a great website, you may have no idea just how to get that website. That’s where a skilled web developer can be a great asset and investment to your business. But even with a good developer, you should be sure not to fall into the common pitfalls of bad web design. Keep your website top notch with these tips.

Top 4 Tips for Website Design

1. Make sure your content is professional

Content is a big part of your web design. You likely already have an “About Us” page, various product pages and maybe even a business blog. That’s fantastic, but if your content is sparse, poorly written or contains blaring grammatical and spelling mistakes, you might be undermining the effectiveness of your website. Tell your customers you’re the professional you are with high-quality content.

2. Keep the design user friendly

Being unique is great, but there are some instances when going out on a limb could come back to bite you. Such is the case with ultra-creative site navigation. Your customers are accustomed to interacting with websites; don’t send them hunting for information by making your content difficult to find or your pages hard to navigate. Keep it intuitive. Keep your logo where it belongs – in the center of the top header or in the top left corner. Make sure that your site navigation tools are easy to see, with clear calls to action so the customer isn’t left hunting.

3. Make it rich and interactive

While back-end development is crucial in a website, front-end aesthetics are uber important too. After all, what’s going to keep your customers interested? Include photo galleries, videos and SEO-rich content. Not only will your customers love it; Google (and other search engines) will too!

4. Integrate your web design social media

A good website becomes a great website when you design a website that is socially connected. And integrating your site and your content with social media is easy. Make sure that you include links for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media favorites whenever you publish a blog, article or new content. Your customers should be able to float seamlessly between your website and your social presence – and interact with you wherever they desire.

Let us know if there are any tips for website design that we forgot!