Twitter or Chatter

Sure, you’ve adjusted your business to the times and have started Tweeting. But social media isn’t just about building a presence – it’s about creating conversations. That can be tough, even for the more seasoned Tweeters. In fact, without a genuine conversation, your Twitter account may just be a stream of useless chatter that your followers may or may not notice.

Do Your Research.

To engage your audience, find out what the buzz on the street is. Start following experts or heavyweights in your business field and pay attention to what they have to say. You’ll get a good idea of what the hot topics are.

Then, make sure you’re communicating to all your audiences. Consider your customers, colleagues, employees and vendors – are you communicating to all of them?

If you’re getting responses to your Tweets, don’t stop there. Keep the conversation flowing. Your customers and colleagues will feel a stronger connection to you and your business if they receive timely responses to their tweets.

After all, Twitter wouldn’t be Twitter if it was nothing but chatter.