Socialize Your Media

Why use social media? Well, it will make you run faster, jump higher, lose weight, find a girlfriend and get rich quick.

Okay, not really (or if it does we’ve really been getting the short end of the stick. Nonetheless, while it may not get your business on the front page of the New York Times (or will it?), social media can definitely get you somewhere—namely, in front of more customers.

And not to blow any more hot air, we’ll turn our case over to Traffikd, who lends 13 reasons why social media marketing can be beneficial to your business.

To start, social media is the cheapest marketing you’ll ever get – and it gets quick results. Not to mention that with a wide array of social networking sites, you have a lot of flexibility on what you post and where. Plus, utilizing social media allows you to build your own links online, instead of spending your capital (and some of your better sense) buying them.

And in case you’re thinking that social media is just another fad – think again. This is a trend that won’t be ending soon, according to Traffikd. Businesses shouldn’t just tolerate the transition – they should take advantage of it (and yes, we know just how to do that).