Social Media Mom

In case you haven’t seen the over-crowded flower-shop windows or the glossy ads at the department store fragrance counter, you may not have heard; Mother’s Day is this Sunday. No, we’re not here to remind you to pick up the phone or stamp that envelope (although you should). We’re here to remind you of one highly effective Internet marketing audience: the social media mom.

Social Media Moms.

Not only are many moms home and online during the day, but they’re also more likely than other demographics to shop online or research health information or details on products and services.

That begs the question: how’s your mom marketing? Maybe it’s time for a mommy-knowledge brush-up. Mashable offers the following social media sites directed toward moms. It’s bound to help you realize that mom’s DEFINITELY the word.

  • BlogHer is one of the Web’s largest communities for women who blog. There are over 18,000 female bloggers on the site, and the Mommy & Family section is particularly rich in content.
  • Cafe Mom is a social network for mothers. Users report spending an average of 8.1 hours per week on the site.
  • is the largest, most complete collection of mom blogs.
  • Twitter Moms is a community of web-savvy, “influential” moms who are active in social media. Most have Twitter followings and over 75% maintain blogs.
  • Digital Mom is a recently released, in-depth report for marketers trying to target moms online.
  • Lotame’s Moms in Social Media Report is a report focused on moms in social media that were developed from brand campaigns which targeted women from 25 to 54 years of age.
  • Blog Catalog offers a directory of over 1500 mom blogs and an easy-to-browse interface.

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