Obama on Foursquare

It may not be the age-old question, but it’s certainly an important one. Who’s using the world’s top social media sites (besides everyone)?

Joining the Movement.

Last week, President Obama officially joined Foursquare, the popular location-based social networking site. The White House claims that their involvement with Foursquare is natural, with more than 10 million users already checking in around the world.

Obama’s Foursquare profile will keep fans (and foes) updated on his visits around the country, especially advantageous as he launches an economic bus tour around the United States, and no doubt useful for his upcoming 2012 election campaign.

So with the president on board, maybe it’s time you considered a check-in yourself. If you’ve got a company with events or location-based services, maybe it’s time you checked out (and checked in) to Foursquare.