Check-in, Check-out

It may not be the Ritz Carlton, but checking in to Facebook can be just as prestigious – especially for your business. If your desire is to build your brand online, you should be checking out the check-in.

What began as a geographical feature – facebookers checking in to businesses or locations – has now expanded, as patrons check in to TV, movies, books and even brands. While broadcasting to the world where you are, what you’re doing, or who you’re supporting may seem a bit egotistical – it is. But it is also great for business.

According to Mashable, social media users utilize check-ins for one of the following reasons: serendipity, game dynamics, personal diary, sharing experiences and scoring deals.

Check In.

Want to see who’s at the same restaurant as you? Check in. Want to keep an online diary of your experiences? Check in. Want some feedback from friends who have already been there? Check in. And want to score some hot deals from a variety of businesses? Check in (did we really need to say it again?).

That said, you can facilitate customers to “check in” to your business, event or product by facilitating it online – then advertising! Creating a Facebook and Twitter presence are the first steps to generating check-ins. Then, advertise the check-in feature by creating a promotion. Discount for checking in? Free product for checking in? The possibilities are endless.

After all, when someone checks in, everyone wins.