A tiny percentage of the population uses location-based checkin tools like Foursquare; and in all likelihood, these digital citizens aremore likely to be shopping online than in stores during the holiday season. So numbers gathered by Trendrr and AdAge represent a tiny sliver of what in-store numbers might have actually been.

The number-one store by Foursquare checkins was Target, which captured almost one quarter of all Black Friday checkins — no small feat considering the substantial Foursquare marketing efforts of other brands.

Target had been doing some social media marketing of its own leading up to the day, even purchasing the hashtag #BlackFriday on Twitter.

Where did we Check-in on Black Friday

Others in the top-10 list include Walmart, Best Buy and Apple. Checkins per brand ranged from around 2,000 at the low end to more than 10,000 for some of the bigger brands.

Retail Check-in Locations