For many companies “Social Media” feels like a phase. It isn’t. In most cases the market stopped listening to them long before Social Media came along–it’s only much more obvious now. The consumer now has a stronger voice, and it’s not afraid to use it. It’s also networked in a way that amplifies that voice and gives it more confidence. It simply will not tolerate being ‘parented’.

So What’s a Brand to Do?

If the market has changed, then so must the brand. Fortunately, there is a growing list of brands that realize it’s up to them to evolve their approach if they want to continue to maintain and grow their customer base. So what can a brand do? Here are 6 ways that help brands better relate:

  1. Start by listening.
  2. Share content of value.
  3. Line up for them.
  4. Collaborate.
  5. Get to know friends of friends.
  6. Be willing to make mistakes and own up to them.