While you might have toyed around with them in elementary school or even buried one in your backyard (that I’ve now reminded you of and you’re racing outside to retrieve it – COME BACK!), time capsules are sooo last decade. After all, who still uses a pencil and paper to write letters – even to themselves?

Writing Letters for the Future - futureme.org

Well, now you don’t have to. In the tradition of digital innovation for old-world processes comes FutureMe.org, a place for you to write letters—you guessed it—to yourself.

Now, we might be wrong about you and future you, but future you might want to know what you were up to five years ago today (did any of that make sense?).

Here’s to the Future!

Whether you want a surprise email in 2 weeks or 20 years, FutureMe will store your thoughts until your inputted date of detonation – which currently is up to the year 2060 (try not to think of how old you’ll be that year).

Talk about politics; talk about your love life; talk about the stocks you just bought and will no doubt regret. Or confess that one secret no one was ever supposed to find out (just make sure you’re dead before it’s sent).