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2014 is coming to a close in just a matter of weeks! We’re taking the next few days to look back and see just what happened in the SEO world this year. There’s been Penguin Updates, cyber infiltrations, and new moves in top SEO companies around the globe. Let’s relive it all with this 2014 SEO Recap.

Google’s Penguin App “Refresh”

Big this year was Google’s release of the 2014 version of the Penguin App. Known as Penguin 3.0 (although many SEOs argue to call it that), this app is what Google uses to do website rankings. Many SEOs were disappointed this year, not only to see their website get dinged for bad backlogging, but also because the app itself failed to live up to its anticipated glory. Rebuffed as merely a “refresh” of last year’s update, Penguin 3.0 left many frowning this October. For the lucky few (such as Neonbrand) our numbers prevailed. Check out the full article here.

Pubcon Unveiled the Promising Future of SEOs

This year’s Pubcon in Las Vegas brought together thousands of SEOs to unveil all the latest news, features and expectations of the future of SEO. One of the most important topics discussed at the closing presentations was how to achieve greater consumer support. What we at Neonbrand call “Nourishing the Consumer”, Pubcon identified the key components to keeping our consumers happy, well informed and sharing our product across the internet. Take a look the full article here.

Collapses in Cyber Security Encourage Stricter Website Protection

This year we saw multi-million dollar companies suffer data breaches, including Albertson’s grocery and Home Depot. When big name companies like these fall at the hands of malware, it rings down to every level of the totem pole in website development. For SEOs, we learned the importance of a strong cyber security system, and how to keep our clients protected. Read the full article here.

What do you recall happening in SEO this year?