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By now you probably know how valuable social media interaction can be for your company. After all, you’ve likely seen the benefits of promoting your products on Twitter, chatting with customers on Facebook or even networking with other business minds on Linked In.


But there’s a new facet to social media in town and its name is ecommerce. Yep, social media just went a little less talk and a lot more action. And by action, we mean purchasing.
With Facebook storefronts, companies can now actually offer products and fulfillment via the social media site itself, instead of linking to an alternate ecommerce site. Still a relatively new idea, the results are starting to show: in fact, Mashable this week highlighted three businesses that have found success with Facebook storefronts. attributes half of their online sales to Facebook. Likewise Ettitude and Livescribe have also boosted their sales via the storefront application. The nice thing about the new feature is that you can generally use your current ecommerce provider to provide your storefront capabilities. It’s easy and effective; because more places to sell usually equals more sales.
Headline: Meet, Chat, Buy?
Publisher: NeONBRAND
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