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What do you think of when you see a mermaid in a green circle? Probably that extra-foamy latte, not a mythical aquarium.  And when you see that opaque white apple with one large bite missing, you may get hungry – for computers, not fruit.

So while you may have signed up for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn just because everyone else was doing it, you probably still have one underlying goal; to build your brand.

And if that brand doesn’t include a logo as of yet, you’re dropping your branding ball. We liked Scott Monty’s recent post on the importance of logos for any business. Logos build instantaneous recognition by a consumer. After all, what mans heart doesn’t beat a little faster at the site of that black mustang in the Ferrari symbol? And what woman doesn’t sigh a bit for the elegant LV on a Louis Vuitton handbag?

Let Social Media help you.

Social media is the perfect utility for introducing or establishing a logo. You could even use it as a promotional event to solicit customer feedback. Your social media is the perfect venue to unveil your logo, as you have already established a captive audience.

Go ahead, try it. We’re off to get a mermaid in a green circle – with extra whip.

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