It’s happened: Instagram for Business has finally made its debut.

If you log into your Instagram account today and have used your account for business purposes in the past, you should receive a notification on your profile that looks something like this:

instagram for business notification

Upon clicking the Learn More button, you are presented with the ability to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account, which then prompts you to connect directly to your Business Page.

connect instagram for business to facebook page
Instagram for Business Screen Grabs

This is definitely a game changer in the Instagram world.

Here’s why:



Native insights for Instagram has arrived. We are now able to see how our accounts are performing, and where you can measure, you can improve.

Instagram Insights for Business

We’re stoked about having analytics for Instagram at last.


More than the standard likes and comments, we can now track impressions. This is huuuuuuge.

Top Posts

With an algorithmic timeline already happening on Instagram (goodbye days of the chronological timeline) you’ll definitely want to know which posts are performing best. Now you can!

Can you tell we’re excited?

Follower Activity

Wondering when your followers on online? Wonder no more. This is super rad: go ahead and click that “See More” button right there by the followers, and BAM. MAS DATA.

Instagram for Business Follower Insights

Post Insights

Promoted Posts on Instagram

Similar to Facebook, we’ll now have insights on an individual post’s performance.

Promoted Posts

Hello promoted posts, so-long budget!

It looks like, similar to Facebook’s boosted posts, we can now pay to put our posts in front of the people that already said they want to see our posts.

That sounds a little oxymoronic, right?

Well there is a little bit of logic behind it.

Since Instagram has become so popular, there is a TON of posts to see at any given time. Some people follow so many people they can’t even see all the pictures from their friends anymore.

Theoretically, our posts should show up organically in our follower’s timelines. Eventually, anyway.

With a promoted post, though, you’re basically guaranteeing that exposure.

Contact Button

A contact button instead of the dreaded Direct Messaging? Hallelujah! Now people can click your contact button and get directions, place a phone call, or send an email.

Address on Profile

Instagram for Business Contact Button and Address

Now your business address is clickable link right under your bio link, too. Click it and go straight to the maps on your device. Super dope.


Yes, everything isn’t necessarily hunky-dory for all businesses using Instagram. I’m especially concerned for the future of all the online Instagram shops that live and die by their insta-accounts. There are going to be some dramatic changes in that area in the not so distant future.

For the vast majority of businesses using Instagram, though, this is going to bring powerful data that will help improve the quality of our accounts.

We can now tailor our content to the audience and work on creating posts that will get the most reach possible.

As an end user, this has implications as well:

Following an Instagram account no longer means you’re going to see every image or video that account posts. You may miss a post or two every once in awhile, with likely only the best of the best content ever reaching your insta-feed.

The Future of Instagram for Business

I predict this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Just as Facebook for Business evolved rapidly a few years ago, Instagram has what could prove to be similarly painful growing pains on the horizon. The key for Instagram’s success is modeling the platform in such a way that keeps end users engaged, whilst not over-complicating or over-charging business owners.

Bottom line: this could be really cool. And it could get cooler.

But just don’t screw it up, Facebook.