Unless you’re Sharon Osbourne or any former politician, you might find it difficult to write about yourself. Well, that’s what makes resumes, cover letters, and personal bios a bit tricky.

Am I being too humble? Too arrogant? Do I sound desperate? Am I desperate? Should I fluff it up? Tone it down? Well, you get the idea. There’s a fine line between being a confident salesman and a braggart – and that fine line might be what gets you or the other guy the job.

Well, thank Seth Godin for his novel idea – Have someone else write your resume, cover letter, business plan, or bio. Why? Being as invested in the subject as you are (it’s yourself, after all), you can tend to get a bit lost in the prose and lose sight of your end goal. Choose someone who doesn’t know you inside and out, and tell them your story. Chances are, they’ll write it the way it is, and not the jumbled mess that’s been coiling around your brain since you were diapered. (Only leave out the diapered part.)