Local SEO is extremely important for any business looking to target a crowd in the city they are either located in or provide services to. Over the process of doing SEO for a Local Business, the goal is to rank higher for terms that provide direct traffic to your website and your front door.

Restaurants are an easy example of a business that benefits from Local SEO. A restaurant benefits greatly when they show up for terms pertaining to their city or locale.

A search for “pizza place” is identified by Google as a local search term, even though a specific location isn’t mentioned. Google can tell that the searcher’s intent is to find a pizza place around them. So what does Google do? It locates the places nearest the searcher and then using their algorithm, ranks them by what Google thinks is the best result for the searcher to have an optimum experience.

Local SEO is also greatly performed for mobile devices as they most often result in locally-based searches. A benefit to Google in providing relevant search results from a mobile device is that they can use the actual GPS location of the searcher, retrieved from the device, to display results that are closest to the searcher.

Another benefit to ranking locally is that because clients are searching for a business near them, they are more often interested in making a purchase than just a casual browse of the website. This local-based traffic is highly valuable because it can result in a real, almost immediate, ROI.

Ranking for locally-based SEO terms can really help businesses with clientele that travels to their location.

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