Google Analytics has recently released an updated version called Google Analytics GA4. This is a fully overhauled system, offering a new experience for the user. Updates include a new interface, better security, and improved AI. Before deciding if you should set it up on your website, here’s what you need to know about the changes.

What’s Different In the New Version?

In the past, mobile and website data were in two different Analytics areas. The new version merges those into one space, letting you analyze everything across platforms. Not every company has a mobile app, but even without it, there are plenty of good features and business consulting benefits to appreciate in the GA4 incarnation

Filling in Data Gaps With AI

The new version offers AI, which is designed to fill in the gaps in data. That is, Google Analytics can now predict what additional data will look like if it were collected from other humans accessing a company’s mobile app or website. With many people turning off third-party cookies, the predictive abilities of AI will become more important for businesses.

A Focus on the Journey

With a new user interface, GA4 is much more focused on what digital marketing companies need to reach their customers. Customer life cycle stages are now a part of the primary navigation, so the new Analytics is easier to use than ever before.

Basing Everything on Events

There are three different kinds of events in Google Analytics GA4:

  • Automatic — When you have GA4 on your website, these events are automatically recorded and collected. You don’t need additional code, and you can also enable enhanced measurements to give you more information. Screen resolution, page title, file downloads, and outbound link clicks are just some of the automatic events GA4 offers.
  • Recommended — Recommended events in GA4 have predefined names, which can be changed and customized as needed. These events, which generally revolve around SEO, also don’t have to be used if some or all of them don’t work for your business needs.
  • Custom — Custom events require custom reports for data analysis. While they can be used to study other digital marketing factors that aren’t covered by automatic and recommended events, they have to be configured in the right way to be effective.

YouTube Metrics

Tracking metrics to measure the success of YouTube videos can help digital marketing companies with SEO and facilitate the creation of better customer journeys. 

Because every GA4 item is listed as an event, you can mark any kind of event as a conversion. This conversion can be tied to your YouTube videos if they’re embedded on your website.

Also, even though you can no longer track your bounce rate, it’s been replaced with a set of engagement metrics — which are equally useful. 

Is GA4 Worth It?

The business consulting benefits of Google Analytics GA4 are worth considering for any business that wants to strengthen its digital marketing efforts. 

You can have both Universal Analytics and GA4 running at the same time, and they won’t conflict with each other. The additional metrics and information GA4 provides can add value to your company’s understanding of its target market, which can translate to increased customer engagement and a better bottom line.