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Google ranking Valentine’s Day may be for lovers, but at NeONBRAND, we’ve only got one romance on our mind – Google. Oh, Google, you can be so cruel to those you don’t deem worthy of your affections. Luckily, at NeONBRAND, gaining that affection is our specialty. So if you’d rather get a “hit” from Google rather than Cupid this year, we have 5 tips to help make that happen.

Google Love Tips!

  1. Do Your Research: You’ve heard all about SEO and using keywords to increase your Google ranking. But finding the right keywords requires some research skills. Google already has some great tools that can help you determine these keywords – or you can turn to the experts (like, say, NeONBRAND) for an in-depth analysis.
  2. Declare Your Blog’s Existence: Ever feel like Google doesn’t even notice you? Are you using WordPress  Let the search king know you’re alive in one simple, oft-overlooked step. Go to your settings, and in the privacy area, make sure you have “checked” the option allowing search engines to access your site.
  3. Be Original: It may be tempting to take shortcuts, but relevant, original content is going to get you a whole lot more love from Google than re-posts or content that is neither newsworthy nor relevant.
  4. Start Linking: Google loves links, so make sure you’re using them. Start with linking to your own blog, and then continue linking to outside sources (especially those who may return the favor to you).
  5. Optimize: Remember that point about researching keywords? Well, it’s time to put that research to use and implement them into a SEO-targeted content strategy. Don’t know a thing about SEO? Several online tools can help you, or you can bring in the big guns (NeONBRAND) to do work for you (We promise we’ll give you all the credit.). Now, isn’t THAT kind of love better than some sugary candy hearts and a He-Man card? Okay, maybe it’s a close second.
Headline: Give Us Some (Google) Love
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