Information is thrown at us in so many shapes and forms these days that we are on overload. This poses a problem for us in receiving information because it is all vying for our attention.

The challenge for those who want us to pay attention to their information is to make the information they throw at us stand out above all the rest. This can prove to be quite difficult.

We are taking in data from radio, television, print, and the internet. We are taking it in audibly and visually, and our minds can only process so much. This keeps the marketing world ever evolving on all fronts looking for the next big way to make information stick.

One of the more recent innovations is the infographic. This is an often whimsical way to get information across using a flow chart-esque approach with graphics and text.

Now that idea has gone a step further with the infogif. Which one works the best in the infographic vs. infogif war?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Everyone knows and can understand a visual is often needed to get a point across. Listening and reading are all awesome, but there is just something about a visual that brings an idea together.

Seeing how the ideas flow and how you can benefit from said idea is another advantage.

Now, imagine all of these advantages that come with having a visual, and add to it the bonus of attention getting movement.

When we have something that catches our eye and that our eyes can follow, those images and ideas are better able to stick with us. By adding movement to the infographic, we gain benefits that give the infogif a clear advantage.

It’s a New Day in Marketing

The infogif is a new innovation on the marketing scene that combines a moving “gif” with the magic of the infographic.

What you get is a moving infographic, a.k.a. an infogif, that is an eye catching, graphic representation of an idea that moves!

This movement accesses parts of the brain simple text or even a graphic alone could not. The result is that the information sticks in parts of the brain that process movement as well as visuals and text.

Your information is accessing the brain of those you are marketing too by another means, allowing it to stand out. That is, after all, the goal of marketing, right? To get your idea to stand out among all of the others cluttering up the brains in the market?

Since the infogif is so new, it isn’t technically a war yet. However, the war is coming, and while there is a time and a place to be still, marketing isn’t it.

Movers and shakers are the ones with success in pretty much every area of life, and the same is true in this case. The infogif is here, and it is here to stay.