Yeah, we know, this year’s season of The Bachelor is over, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to stop talking about making connections. That said, ours don’t have much to do with beautiful blondes in bikinis pining after one lone pretty-boy.

Story Diagram

After all, business is all about making connections with your customers, and we’ll admit that’s a lot easier said than done. But the New York Times featured a story this week that we found rather enlightening that could help you do just that. The secret? Tell your customers a story, and they’ll be more likely to form a connection with your brand.

Sounds easy enough, but you know as well as we do that nothing in business ever is. The Times pointed out the fact that Americans live on a steady diet of stories – just look at gossip magazines like US Weekly or the popularity of 60 Minutes and Entertainment Tonight.

Connecting with Your Reader

That’s why, when a customer hears an inspiring story – they’re likely to remember it. Particularly if, say, that story happens to be about your company or brand. And chances are, there’s a story or two behind your business. What drove you to start? What obstacles did you face? How did you think of a particular product/service/promotion? What may seem second nature to you just might be the stuff that sells your business.

So maybe it’s time to get all John Steinbeck and write your story. And if you need some help, well, we might know someone willing to lend their expertise.