Many people include a lot of text with their Web pages and social media posts, but they too often overlook the importance of including images to help drive home the message while also providing a better user experience. Current SEO trends place an importance on images, whether they are pictures, graphs, embedded videos or other types of imagery. And search engines like Google reward sites for including original images on their Web pages, especially ones that help to establish the site as truly original, unique and represents an actual business or other entity.

Most Marketers Intend to Increase Imagery

A recent study of some 2,800 digital marketing experts showed 70 percent expect to use more images on their posts and Web pages than they have in the past. Those images often times result in better algorithm scores with Google, Bing and other search engines and help to make pages more attractive to the eye. Infographics help a great deal, too, and can create highly unique content for online marketers. The more unique and user-friendly a Web page is, the more Google, Bing and other search engines like them and will reward them with better ratings and higher search engine and organic search results.

Ease of Readability is Critical

Google and other search engines essentially consider most visitors to Web pages to be those who want information that they can scan through easily and stop at pertinent parts. The need for instant gratification makes it too difficult for many to focus long enough to read much by way of text, so textual information has to be presented in easily read and digestible quantities. Strategic use of imagery helps to make Web pages more attractive while also making it easier for people to navigate websites and find the information they desire.

Do you put much emphasis on images for your Web pages?