We live in the age of blogging – you should know this; you’re reading one. And as the online presence of businesses and corporations continues to grow, so do the number of corporate blogs out there.

Batter up, Bloggers!

So then, how to set you apart from the pack? Well, short of streaming reruns of Entourage on a 24/7 basis (although we think that actually might work), your business blog must catch and hold your reader’s attention. And with the distractions available online these days, that can be a daunting task.

Age of Blogging

Entreprenuer.com this week has some great tips on making your blog read-worthy. Their number-one idea? Making your corporate blog non-corporate. Your users are simply looking for great, informative blogs. So your business’s blog should be just that – only endorsed and funded by your company. The info you share may or may not be about your business, but it will (or should) be what interests your customers.

You don’t need to hire one specialty blogger. Everyone can contribute to the blog – that’s what will make it unique to your business. And don’t be afraid to get personal – the great part of having a blog is opening a new window to your company and culture. Providing content that solicits reader participation is a way to form a great repertoire between you and your customer base.

So on that note, ummm, what do you think?