Article submission as an organic SEO technique can still work, sort of. The old days of submitting articles to a bunch to e-zines are over. Article submission websites as they became much less effective after some of the more recent Google updates. There are ways to make article submission, in a somewhat different outfit, work, however. It just takes a little more, well, work.

The Problem

The old article submission sites aren’t picky.  It isn’t that hard to get an article published, and while that used to make it perfect for easy, organic SEO, the times they are a changing.  It was so easy to get an article published that the sites are now full of poorly written, or just plain poor, content.  The search engines no longer return links to sites such content, therefore these sites have suffered drastically in the rankings.

Why it Might Work

It could still work. Article submission as an organic SEO technique is not all the way dead, and there are even still some submission sites that are a little pickier. These may get picked up by the search engines more often, but they are in the minority. In fact, the truth that the majority is no longer serving the purpose well means that the entire article submission site palace could be falling. The best bet is to get out while the getting is good and find a new place to live. Now, article submission for SEO is going to have to be handled a little differently.

The New Name of Article Submission as an Organic SEO Technique

Guest blogging.  That’s right.  The new name of article submission as an organic SEO technique is guest blogging.  If you can guest blog on some greats sites in the same niche you can build an SEO empire.  You are technically doing the same thing as article submission, but you can choose to do so on sites that relate specifically to your niche and that are already doing great in searches.  You really help each other out.  The blog owner gets the benefit of fresh, new content and you get the benefit of deep, organic link backs that count.

It turns out, that article submission as an organic SEO technique can still be effective, but not the same way it always was. The difference is all in what sites you are submitting too, and it is going to take some work to find those sites and get them to post your submissions. There are a few ways to do this, from blindly pitching posts to other bloggers who have no clue who you are to taking the time to build relations ships with other bloggers in your niche. The rewards of all of that time and hard work can be huge, however. Just keep at it, keep the content awesome, and never stop looking for sites that may accept your posts. The perseverance, hard work, and content quality will pay off.